When buying/selling or just investing back into your property, the fence is normally on the bottom of the list, but it is always important to ensure that you don’t just go with the cheapest price, even when it is somethig simple like a wooden fence.

Lines, structure even material is important, as you can see from the picture above a perfectly string lined fence even when as simple as a timber fence can look great, one of the features that most fence builders will ignore is the base, the base is key to the presentation of the fence, in this pictue it may be easily ignored, but this builder has ensured that any gaps are taken care of, perfectly cut sleepers along the base tidies it all up.


So how do you find a good fence builder and avoid the dangers of basing a decision on price – ask for references, look at their fnished jobs. There are plenty options available, but research, research research is the key.

Ask Questions 

What material will be used? How will the finish look, top and bottom? Life of the product? Is it suitable for this area?

Things to Consider

Take into cosideraton exposure to elements, privacy and what sort of surface the fence will sit on. If fence is engineered make sure it it meets all specificaitons, if it is part of a retaining wall ensure that all regulations are being met. These are things that you really need to consider.


In the end there needs to be an expectation of how long you would like the fence to last, which also takes into consideration budget, but remember you need to be happy with the final product you will be looking at it for a while. Fences are not easy, it is not as simple as a quick decision, remember there may be a neighbour or two you need to consult with.